Hello again, and welcome to this week's blog.  Below are the words of author Thomas Ullman, English but based in Sweden, where his erotic novel Freya Being Freya is based.  For a review of this book, please see my Indie Review Page.  It's a great book - and if you don't usually read erotica, this book could genuinely change your mind.  Surely any book that is based on a true Nordic Goddess who goes shopping in Ikea HAS to be worth a read!


Back in 2012 I was underemployed and I guess a little depressed. Someone suggested that I write a book.

“Mmm….that takes a lot of effort and time and research and anyway what’s the point? I’m not good enough, too lazy too self-conscious etc, etc.”

Once I started though I couldn’t stop. I would rise at an ungodly hour and tap away for a few hours before the rest of the world got into gear. I had no real idea of what I was going to write, other than that it would be set near to where I used to live in the northern suburbs of Stockholm. So my brain and my pen walked out from the wooden clad houses of Järfälla and into the semi-wilds that are all around everywhere in Stockholm and help make it such a lovely city.

My pen walked around the allotments towards the mirror-still lake to where a runestone lay looking both ancient and modern. Runestones are often erected or laid in homage to the Viking Gods and Goddesses….and amusingly sometimes have written upon them simple advice on practical living which must be a crushing disappointment to those translating them!

‘My’ runestone, I decided was to be a dedication and prayer to the Goddess, Freya. Freya is the Viking Goddess of love and sex. She is feisty, traditionally red-headed and sexually uninhibited. So what was not to love? 

She is also known as Freja or Freyja and has a chariot pulled by adoring cats. She can herd cats!

Freya Being Freya evolved into a tale of an ordinary, nice but unmotivated guy luring or being lured into bringing Freya to the modern world. For some reason the luring required him to lick the runestone which transformed into the flesh of Freya...and yes it was that part of Freya. As this occurs on the second page of the book readers will either think ‘sounds good to me’ or cast it aside as the work of a depraved mind. Those who have persevered have been very praiseworthy and have ‘got’ the book which I see as a tale of redemption for both the guy (he doesn’t have a name in this book) and Freya, It is also, I think a little satire on our modern consumerist world and it’s definitely erotica. Though I am told that my erotica is ‘vanilla’ which seems to mean that there is no beatings or bondage involved. Through ‘accidentally’ writing an erotic book I have found myself ‘having’ to read other erotica, some of which I really enjoyed but a lot I found fairly unpleasant and to my mind misogynistic.

I was aware that nearly all erotica seemed to be written by women or at least they sounded like women. So should I become Misty Silk or Alexia Firestorm? No. I couldn’t pull off pretending to be a woman. I did take up a pen name though, as in these days of everything being everywhere, having my name associated with a book that is definitely not to everyone’s taste seemed unwise.

The book has sold reasonably well and that has been a bonus. 

But what writing Freya Being Freya has really given me is the knowledge that I can write extended pieces, I can tell a half decent tale and (the best thing) meeting some really lovely and talented people. I have helped edit a few books by friends, one of which is to be ‘conventionally’ published and marketed and comes out in July 2015. It’s a very contemporary Young Adult book in which I have great faith.

I should guide to where you can buy Freya Being Freya:

The ubiquitous Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1uEmeIn

   Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1vmneCa

                     and Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/1vmdY1x

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