This week I am very pleased to say that American writer, Maria Green, has agreed to offer a few words of wisdom.  Thank you Maria - over to you….

I think reading is an incredibly important pass time. So is writing. And they are important enough to foster a love for each early in life.

Whether you want to be a writer or not, in my opinion, reading is a priceless hobby. Reading can transport readers into whole new worlds, different time periods, increase vocabulary, decrease stress, and so much more. Writing offers the same opportunities, only writers are lucky enough to create those worlds readers are transported into. 

Reading is something that should never be discouraged, only encouraged. There have been some articles in the last year or so that I vehemently disagree with. I think it’s wrong to discourage reading of any kind. Read anything, read everything, just never stop reading. And if an individual enjoys writing, that too should only ever be encouraged. I know as writers we face a lot of rejection, but we persevere. We get sad and then we move on, because to true writers, writing isn’t an option. We write because we have to. And if we are encouraged at a young age to write that perseverance is easier to survive. To me reading is the same way. I read because I have to. I write because I have to. 

The reason I feel this way is because I started my loves of both early. I was lucky.

When I was in elementary school I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the Young Authors Conference. I already had a hint, a spark, of a liking for creative writing, but this conference fanned the flame and turned like to true love. Some teacher saw a bit of enjoyment, or talent, in my writing and nominated me to attend the conference. 

Things like this, simple support or opportunities for young readers and young writers, are imperative. Fostering creativity is something we can never let slip through the cracks as children grow. Creativity lends to intelligence and kindness. 

But will the changing nature of the writing and reading community interfere with how we encourage the younger generations? I don’t think so. As the publishing industry has grown and changed things have come and gone. Paperbacks, ebooks, indie self publishers, and more have come along, but still the written word is something so many readers soak up. So as technology changes, as more individuals choose to publish in different ways, we should always continue fostering creativity and encouraging both reading and writing in those younger than us.

What are your thoughts?

- Maria Green

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