Tough one, this.  Got that novel idea all sorted, listed, flow-charted and designed in your head?  Good.  Or maybe you haven't.  May be you're wracking your creative space for something to write, and need that preverbal firework up the jacksy to get you going… well, you wouldn't be the first author to stumble over that damned Log of Obstruction.  Who left it lying around in the first place anyway, neatly placed for you to trip over when you thought the time was right to actually get on and do some proper writing?  Hmmm?  Well, may be you left it there yourself, unwittingly.

With so much information and advice out there about how and when you should start to write, this little blog seems rather superfluous to needs, don't you think?

But I just thought I'd share a few tips that I have found useful while strapped up and unable to move after an altercation with a dodgy step.  The step won, by the way, taking a lower back disc with it for a while, leaving me to contemplate how to fill several days from the discomfort of the settee.  Having re-painted and re-designed the house several times in my head I thought about getting round to initiating some sort of inspiration while the pain-killers were working.  

A friend leant me a rather dodgy collection of books to browse away the hours - photographs of ghosts no less.  No really.  And there were some  great pictures - some 'real' (yeah, really!) some doctored, (really?!) and some just plain weird.  But all of them started the old grey matter going, inspiring stories and ideas that I just wouldn't have thought about before I looked at the photographs.   Another friend dropped by and gave me a small collection of magazines to look through.  On a subject so far removed from my own taste I felt I had to read them.   And now I know far more about tractors than I ever did.  And I have an excellent idea (I think it's excellent thank you very much) that will certainly drop out of my brain and onto the page in the near future.

So there you have it: go Off Piste and look at some pictures/photos of things you wouldn't normally consider and feel that inspiration flood in.  Even better - get your friends to choose - not only will you find some interesting stuff but you may learn more about your friends than perhaps you should...