Ah, Festival Time!  My favourite time of year. Wading through mud and wonky one-person tents in ill-fitting wellies, squinting to see my idols on a stage three miles away unaware they finished playing yesterday, and walking for days around a festival site looking for an unblocked toilet and a fast food emporium selling anything under a tenner...etc etc etc ...NO!

Not that sort of Festival!  I can watch all that from the comfort of my Argos Compac* Settee** (**other small economically made settees are available) with a bag of chips and a warm Kopperberg* on my lap (other sugar-rich alcoholic drinks are available).  No, the sort of festival I’m talking about are the Literary Festivals, bursting forth all over the country just as Spring bursts forth from Winter.  The inaugural Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival April 2015 organised and run by Alli member Debbie Young down in the Cotswolds, received much praise. As did the Stratford Literary Festival held at the end of April.  Literary festivals are everywhere you look, spattering the literary map like droplets of champagne*, (alternatively, English wines are available) and having attended the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival some time ago, I have decided to refresh my knowledge and see if I can still tell my apostrophe from my elbow, by attending the Winchester Writers’ Festival this June.  I shall let you know if I find it.  My apostrophe, that is, not the festival.  Hopefully that bit should be pretty easy.

For the next part of this blog, I was going to bamboozle you all with links left right and centre for LitFests (really does sound like something you need to call in pest control for, doesn’t it), but it would seem those clever and organised people at http://www.literaryfestivals.co.uk have already done it for me. From Aberdeen to York, there is something for everyone, and that includes the wonderful islands scattered around the UK - including Guernsey - yes, yes, I know - technically not scattered in the immediate vicinity around the UK, but it does have a damn good literary festival!
So if you've never Done A Lit Fest before, give it a go.  A morning, a day, a whole weekend - it's up to you.  And if you have been to a literary festival before, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

*Compac. Not really a word, is it.